Fonseca Martial Arts

As a well-established Chicago-area studio, Fonseca Martial Arts was looking to expand their membership to clients seeking fitness as well as martial arts training. Enter the Martial Fit program. Inspired by the booming Crossfit industry the owners of Fonseca wanted to brand their program to jumpstart the program's membership. The logo combines both the movement of martial arts and the aesthetic of fitness in a very versatile composition. It stays true to Fonseca's brand fonts and colors it is a different take on Fonseca's logo and sets itself apart.

Pleased with the logo Fonseca contacted me to design a poster for their 2012 Fonseca Cup competition. Attracting elite worldwide competition the Fonseca Cup is a very traditional martial arts event. To symbolize this idea the woodgrain texture was chosen and combined with type to keep a modern feel.


Fonseca Cup Poster Concept